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Welcome to the Delta Rho Website


President's Address

Over 40 years ago, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. - Delta Rho Chapter was chartered and while on the path toward success, has continued to prosper as one of the premier, high profile chapters in Michigan and the Midwest Region. I cordially welcome you to our updated chapter website during this current academic year. As president, I am striving to promote the legacy that our founders laid before us and making sure brothers of Delta Rho Chapter uphold the high ideals of brotherhood, scholarship and service on a consistent basis. Over the past few years, Delta Rho has strived under the watchful eyes of our past presidents but this year I am bringing forth a new image to our chapter and the campus community as a whole. We hope to bring new, innovative ideas to campus along with improving previous events to make them even bigger and better for your enjoyment. The brothers of Delta Rho chapter take pride, not only, in their strong brotherhood but in their community as well. We aim to serve our community on a monthly basis so that we uphold our motto, “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity” as the people’s fraternity. I invite you to learn more about our great fraternity, each brother in our model chapter, and future events happening on campus. Our legacy continues on.


Bro. Christopher K. Love

President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Delta Rho Chapter

Culture for Service and Service for Humanity

We wanted to know what people thought about what our fraternity motto meant. We asked friends. family, and even our own Fraternity brothers what it means to them. And this is what they said:

  • To assist in community outreach
  • To provide services that people do not readily recieve
  • To help anyone in their endevors
  • To give without the expectation of recieving in return
  • To appreciate the services from every level in the work service industry
  • To work with pride

Latest Events

  • Congratulations to the New Addition to Delta Rho

    Meet the new men of Sigma known as Divine Thrice featuring: Joshua Thurman, Robert Sanders, and Mark Greer II.

  • Thank you for Support

    We want to thank you for all of your help and participation during our events as we continue to bring innovation to the community.

  • NPHC Step Show

    Congratulations to Zeta Phi Beta Sigma of Gamma Delta Rho Chapter at U of M for winning the Step Show.