I get up in front of people for a living and talk about stuff they might not care that much about (much of the time). Interestingly enough, prior to a certain afternoon in May 1978, the idea of standing up in front of people and talking to them caused me so much anxiety that I could barely function. Then, one day, that all changed in a matter of minutes. My youngest brother has the same issues. He has, to the best of my knowledge, never had one of those days when it all changes. I originally bought this cartoon with the idea of presenting it to him (it's the left-hand panel that I'm talking about, here, in case you haven't read the cartoons, yet), then I decided that would rather be like hitting him, um, too close to home. It still functions as a nice reminder for me of days long gone. John McPherson, by the way, is an engineer who gave up the scientific life in 1990 to become a cartoonist.