Story: Jerry Siegel
Pencils: Gene Day
Inks, &c: Dave Sim
Ricky the Robot (part 1) appeared in Cerebus #64
Ricky the Robot (part 1) appeared in Cerebus #65

from the March 2001 "Previews"

: What, if any, collaborative work have you enjoyed the most (besides working with Gerhard)?

: Drawing the two-part Ricky Robot strip written by Jerry Siegel in the back of Cerebus. It felt bad in a way because it wasnít, to me, really strong material. So I felt, in a way, like one of those people who would jump at the chance to have lunch with Orson Welles knowing that they werenít going to finance his movie. So, it felt kind of predatory ó working with the creator of Superman rather than working with Jerry Siegel. On the other hand, we did pay him and we did publish the story and it might have sparked some interest somewhere and Iím sure he knew and understood that I wasnít going to stop doing Cerebus to do Ricky Robot with him full-time.