Just before creating the first issue of "Cerebus," Dave put together "Revolt 3000," a 48-page anthology featuring four ongoing series: "Raven and Trout," "Hybrid," "Stargazer One," and "Crimson Alpha." Dave has written about this elsewhere, but suffice to say that the book was never published, and the original pages (for which Dave was paid) were rescued from a dumpster by an alert individual who figured they might be worth something ("Cerebus" was already making some waves by this point). The first pages for "Raven and Trout," "Stargazer One," and "Hybrid" got separated from the rest of their story pages, although I think "Crimson Alpha" was complete. Years later, the "Stargazer One" and "The Hybrid" (minus their page 1s) in the 1991 and 1993 "Otto Space!" #s 1 & 2. I figure this is the guy I scored the pages from.


Okay, so I ended up with "Raven and Trout" (23 p, the second installment was also completed), "The Hybrid" (11 p), and "Stargazer One" (11 p), along with full-sized photocopies of the entire 12 p "Crimson Alpha," which (unfortunately) someone else picked up before me.


In fact, if you have "Crimson Alpha" or you know who does... I would be extremely eager to buy these pages and reassemble the existing bits of "Revolt 3000."


So, at about this same time, Dave did a spec comic called "Blue Dynamo," and a short episode of "The Masque" for another company that never saw its way to publishing his work.


I recently wrote to Dave to see if he would take a commission to recreate the page 1s for the three stories I have, and to give a little in return, I photocopied a full set of these pages, just figuring he had not seen them in a while. Dave, as always, wrote back a detailed reply and sent copies of all sorts of goodies: the color sketch of the Revolt 3000 and Blue Dynamo covers, some correspondence with the person for whom he put these stories together, a copy of the ledger where it shows he was paid, the character model sheets, the advertisements for Revolt 3000, and the story and character proposals along with the scripts, and... the real surprise: photocopies of the three missing page 1s that were in his files! I have re-integrated the three stories, and also gathered the rest of the goodies together, along with the second part of "Raven and Trout," in the "Goodies" file (below). Enjoy.


These are all links to pdf files.


Revolt 3000.

Presented here, for the first time, the complete "Revolt 3000" (parsed into bite-sized bits for your convensation).

Cover; & "Raven and Trout"

"The Hybrid"

"Stargazer One"

"Crimson Alpha;" & Back Cover


Blue Dynamo

The Masque

The Goodies