So, this is interesting... the watercolor is 100% original. Dave did the figure, Ger did the backgrounds, as usual. Before it was colored, it was photoreduced. At conferences, to give the sense of being busy, and to have some sort of original artwork to sell, Ger would then add detail to the photocopy.

So here is the order:
(a) the black & white original is drawn (above) with Dave's signature...
(b) photocopies are made
(c) at some point, the coloring was done by Ger (above), and then signed by him
(d) at some point, the extra cross-hatching, etc., was done (below), and then signed by him

I had a swell conference call with Dave and Ger (04/28/03) in response to my inquiry about what the heck these pictures were all about. Dave said that they discussed it, trying to recreate the circumstances, for about a day, then they called me. They both figure that having partially completed art to work on was a strategic way to look busy at times when they were at conventions (and when there was really not much action going on).

When I said I paid $600 for the watercolor, Dave said "Hang on a sec, Gerhard needs to catch his breath... I think he just stumbled." hee hee