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Same locations as the spinning globe on the archive home page.

The yellow triangles represent countries where CSF has had, or does have, an office.
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Behrmann Cylindrical Equal Area Projection.

Download a .kml file of these locations and load it into Google Earth to see terrain and other features in association with countries with current of former CSF offices.  File to download:  link.

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Canada U.S.A. Mexico Belize Guatemala El Salvador Haiti Dominican Republic Costa Rica Ecuador Peru Bolivia Chile Russia Morocco Senegal Mali Egypt Sudan Nigeria Zaire (Congo) Tanzania Malawi Madagascar Afghanistan Pakistan India Syrian Arab Republic Nepal Burma (Myanmar) Thailand Philippines Malaysia Indonesia Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka Australia Fiji var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map_canvas"),{ size: new GSize(640,480) } ); map.setCenter(new GLatLng(42.366662,-71.106262), 11); map.addMapType(G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP); var mapControl = new GMapTypeControl(); map.addControl(mapControl); map.setMapType(G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP);