Seminar:  1992-1998.

Population-Environment Dynamics: 
Toward Building a Theory

School of Natural Resources and Environment NRE 545
Cross-listed as School of Public Health EIH 575
The University of Michigan

Professors:  William D. Drake, Sandra L. Arlinghaus.

Monographs of student papers, SNRE 545/EIH 575, Fall Term
In addition to student papers, the full hard-copy monographs also contain abstracts, relationships among papers, and chapters by the editors/professors of the course
(Drake and Arlinghaus)

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1998 Population-Environment Dynamics:  Transitions and Sustainability
1997 Population-Environment Dynamics:  Issues and Policy
1996 Population-Environment Dynamics:  Ten Case Studies
1995 Population-Environment Dynamics:  Transitions in Global Change
Callewaert, John
Environmental Injustices in ution of Environmental HazardsMichigan:  A Spatial Analysis of the Interactions between Race, Income, and the Distribution of Environmental Hazards
Iyer, Seema
The Urbanization Transition in Russia
Scaff, Rosalyn
Spatial Implications of the Reunification of East and West Germany
Chaudhuri, Moushumi
The Sahel
Kim, Daria
Prospects for Agricultural Sustainability in the Red River Delta of Vietnam
Wegbreit, Jennifer
The Possible Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on Dengue Morbidity in Trinidad and Tobago:  A Retrospective Longitudinal Study
England, Shannon
Exploring the Relationship Between Environmental Scarcity and Violent Conflict:  A Case Study of Burundi
Manokham, Thammasack
Deforestation in Eight Southeast Asian Countries:  Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailalnd, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
Kazuhiro Arai
Labor Migration and its Inflluence:  The Case of Yemen
Peter Murchie
Organic Produce Consumption in the United States:  Indications of Transitions
Julie C. Rodriguez
Environmental Transition in Ecuador:  Dealing with the Growing Pains
Rebecca Spector
Organic Produce Consumption in the United States:  Indications of Transitions
Hideo Kuramitsu
Urbanization in Egypt
Tamana Nishiguchi
The Impact of Policy on Agricultural Transformation in Burma:  Approach from Agricultural Development
Hitomi Sasaki
Urbanization Transition and its Impact in Thailand
Luejit Tinpanga
Population Policy and Socio-Economic Development in Vietnam
Clive Lipchin
Water Scarcity, International Security and Resource Disputes--The Case of the Tigris-Euphrates and Jordan Basin System
Allain J. Rasolofoson
Deforestation:  The Case of Madagascar
Julie M. Smith
Nine Nations, One Nile
Richard W. Aishton
The Komi Republic
Allenn Han
Energy Recovery from Landfill Gas
Lynelle Preston
Demographic Indicators of Deforestation:  A Missing Link in Developing Forest Policy in Sikkim
James M. Birkelund 
Trading Away Forests:  Indonesia and Malaysia
Michael Landweber
Malaria and Aids:  The Epidemiological Transition in Thailand
Karen Rowe
Hydropower in Nepal
Micah M. Cheatham
Private Sector Solutions to Fertility Reduction in India
Elizabeth J. Lombard
Lessons on Improved Cookstove Diffusion:  India, Kenya and China
Marisa Sifontes
A Village in Transition:  The Case of Ganvie
C. Maureen Cunningham
The Effects of Global Warming on the Population, Agriculture, and Epidemiology Transitions in the South Sahel Region of Africa
Alice Nabalamba
National Perspectives and Priorities:  A Comparative Study of Urbanization in Uganda and Tanzania
Gwo-Wei Torng
A Spatial Perspective of the Interstate Highway System's Effects on Suburbanization
Andrea I. Frank
Population Dynamics and Urban Growth Pattern
Diane O'Connell
Costa Rica and the Forestry Transition:  A Model for Developing Countries
Richard Tracy
Sustainable Building Material Transition in the United States:  Toward A Sustainable Future
 Ajay Gupta
Current Economic Transition in India and Implications for Other Transitions
Erin N. Perry
Urban Growth and the Environment in Kenya
Deborah S. Carr
Stability in Rural Communities:  Myth or Reality?
Noah Hall
Coastal Protection and the Coastal Population-Environment Dynamic
Carlos de la Parra
Analysis of Transitions in the U.S. - Mexico Border
Richard Wallace
Motor Vehicle Transport and Global Climate Change:  Policy Scenarios
Cherie DeRosia
Population-Environment Trends in the Modernization of Thailand
Timothy Macdonald
NAFTA and the Human Element, a Region in Transition
Brent Plater
Population Policy and Environmental Quality
Tracy Yoder
An Inquiry into Determinates of Fertility
Rohinton Emmanuel
A City in Transition:  Urban Demographic Changes in Detroit and their Impact on Urban Greenness & Climate
Soonae Park
Demographic Transition and Economic Growth in Korea:  Comparisons between Asian Countries
Shelley Price
A Framework of Pollution Prevention and Life-Cycle Design:  Aiding Developing Nations through Transition to Industrialization
Tatiana Bailey
National Family Planning and the Demographic Transition:  A Case Study of Bolivia
John Castanon
Taiwan:  National Development and Land Use
Roy Rojas Montero
A Historical Approach to the Agricultural Transitions in Costa Rica and its Impact on the Environment:  From the Colonial Subsistence Economy to the 1990s Agroexport Development Model
Caroline Stem
Sustainability of Small Scale Farming in the Ecuadorian Andes
Sanjay S. Baliga
The IPAT Model of Cereal Production Impact in India
Juan Carlos Cervantes
Captial and Bureaucratic Transition Dynamic in Mexico
Kameshwari Pothukuchi
What Has the Urbanization Transition Meant for Women's Lives in India?
Kim Stone
The Role of Women in Population/Environment Dynamics in Costa Rica
Brent C. Blair
Deforestation in Legal Amazonia:  The Evolution of the Forestry Transition in Brazil
Bruce Frayne
The Potential Role of Urbanization in Achieving Global Sustainability:  Towards Establishing an Urbanization Transition Model
Rhonda Ryznar
The Toxicity Transition in the Czech and Slovak Republics
Amy D. Sullivan
Early-Stage Health and Demographic Transitions:  Infectious Disease and Health Services in Malawi
Tamara Carnovsky
The Transition from a Predominately Agrarian Society to an Industrialized Society in Spain
Ilia E. Hartasanchez H.
Wetland Losses and Shrimp Fisheries in the Region of Laguna de Terminos, Campeche, Mexico--A Proposal
Suzy Salib
Schistosomiasis in Egypt:  Transitions at Work
Noreen White
Government Policies in a Commerce Transisiton in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua

Dawn M. Anderson
The Historical Transition of Forest Stock Depletion in Costa Rica
Katharine Hornbarger
The Energy Crisis in India:  Options for a Sound Environment
Gary Stahl
Transition to Peace:  Environmental Impacts of Downsizing the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex
Katharine A. Duderstadt
The Energy Sector of Population-Environment Dynamics in China
Deepak Khatry
An Analysis of the Major Sectoral Transitions in Nepal's Middle Hills and their Relationship with Forest Degradation
Stephen Uche
Population and Forestry Dynamics:  At the Crossroads in Nigeria
Eugene A. Fosnight
Population Transition and Changing Land Cover and Land Use in Senegal
Catherine MacFarlane
The Interrelationship Between the Forestry Sector and Population/Environment Dynamics in Haiti
Hurng-jyuhn Wang
The Cultivated Land--Rural Industrialization - Urbanization - Population Dynamics in Taiwan

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    William D. Drake

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