This page explains how to get the software required for lab assignments.

During the first week, the vast majority of the class voted that they would prefer to use software for this class that we can install on our own computers. We wrote the assignments to support this as much as we can.

Choose the column that describes your situation:

If you are in a computer lab:

To use Kimono, install the Kimono Chrome extension.

For other software, if the computer doesn't already have the software,

  1. Download and install the Portable Apps Platform:
  2. When you are asked the type of installation, choose local user (or USB Drive if you have a USB drive with 400 MB of free space -- this may be more convenient).
  3. Select the software you need to install from the list in the assignment (or at right) and click Install.
  4. To run the software, start PortableApps then click the name of the application.
  5. In the future, to add software to this computer click: PortableApps, Apps, Get More Apps.

On your own computer:

Use the free software installers as indicated here:

Kimono Desktop:

  • Mac or PC: Kimono Desktop and the Kimono Desktop Chrome Extension (requires Chrome)
  • Chromebook: Kimono Desktop is not available for Chromebook, but you can follow the link in the left column to install the Kimono (not Kimono Desktop) Chrome extension instead as you would if you are in a computer lab. Note that the 'Kimono' Extension and the 'Kimono Desktop' Extension are two different Chrome extensions.


A Good Text Editor:



More software will be added as the semester progresses.