(I cannot brain today, I have the dumb.) Except for the final exam period, these dates may be adjusted to reflect our progress (or lack of it). Assigned readings more than two weeks ahead may be changed. (To read ahead, buy the optional books.) All this means that you should check this page regularly for updates.

This page last changed on Thursday, 6 Jul 2017.

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Week 1: Introduction
6 Jan (W) [slides]

Wed labs do not meet.

Week 2: Analog vs. Digital
11 Jan (M) [video], 13 Jan (W) [video]

Labs do not meet.
read Rushkoff excerpts, watch Wired Science: Analog vs. Digital (video, 9 mins.)
Recommended: read Comer Ch. 4
Optional: Comer Ch. 5

Week 3: Digital Convergence
18 Jan (M), 20 Jan (W) [video]

No class Monday: MLK. Lab sections begin meeting this week.
read Comer Ch. 6, Comer Ch. 12, & Comer Ch. 14

Week 4: Internet Architecture
25 Jan (M) [video], 27 Jan (W) [video]

InterACT Ch. 10-11 and InterACT Ch. 12-13.
Recommended: watch Packet Switching in 18 Seconds (video) and only the first 3 minutes of How Does the Internet Work? (video)

Week 5: Markup and Layout Languages
1 Feb (M) [video], 3 Feb (W) [video]

Assignment #1 due (Monday, 3pm).
Quiz #1 study guide released.
read Interact Ch. 14, Interact Ch. 15-16-17

Week 6: Search Engines, Algorithms
8 Feb (M) [video], 10 Feb (W) [video]

Quiz #1 (Monday).
read Duckett on Forms and iframes, Duckett on Tables, Bartelle The Search Excerpts
Optional: read Comer Ch. 27, InterACT excerpt: Tables for layout? Welcome to hell!

Week 7: Programming Fundamentals
15 Feb (M) [video], 17 Feb (W) [video]

Assignment #2 due (Monday, 3pm).
read Mahan's Scratch Tutorial (on the Web).

Week 8: Programming Fundamentals (cont'd)
22 Feb (M) [video], 24 Feb (W) [video]

optional: Meet the Professional: What can you do with programming skills once you've learned them?

Week 9: Spring Vacation (NO CLASS)
29 Feb (M) & 2 Mar (W)

Week 10: Internet Platforms
7 Mar (M) [video], 9 Mar (W) Class Cancelled

read Mueller Ch. 2.
optional: Mueller Ch. 3, Comer Ch. 18.

Week 11: Feeds
14 Mar (M) [video], 16 Mar (W) [video]

Assignment #3 due (Monday, 3pm).
Final Project Proposal due (Wednesday, 3pm).
Quiz #2 study guide released.
listen to Secret Histories of Podcasting (~38 min.), skim/refer to Sikos Ch. 8.

Week 12: Syndication and Distribution
21 Mar (M) [video], 23 Mar (W) [video]

Quiz #2 (Monday).
read Comer Ch. 13, Comer Ch. 15, Comer Ch. 16.

Week 13: Open Web, Data Types
28 Mar (M) [video], 30 Mar (W) [video]

Assignment #4 due (Monday, 3pm).
read Wibbels blog post.

Week 14: Guest Lecture, Control Structures
4 Apr (M) [no video today], 6 Apr (W) [video]

read Reas & Fry Ch. 1, Reas & Fry Ch. 9, Reas & Fry Ch. 18.

Week 15: Online Audience Tracking, APIs
11 Apr (M) [video], 13 Apr (W) [video]

Assignment #5 due (Monday, 3pm)
Quiz #3 study guide released.
Choose your own readings related to your final project topic.

Week 16: Life After #bDigitalScreen
18 Apr (M) [video]

Quiz #3 (Monday).
No labs this week and no class on Wednesday -- classes end.
Choose your own readings related to your final project topic.

Finals Week: Final Project Fair
27 Apr (W): 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.,
Location: 2175/2185 North Quad (these rooms are adjacent)

(Counts as FINAL EXAM, attendance required.)
See more details on the Final Projects Page.