Stuck on an assignment? First, check the optional resources given with the assignment. Review the slides and recordings from lecture. If it's not urgent, bring your question to your lab section.

Check in With Your Tweeps

See what other students are stuck on. Maybe someone else has solved your problem? Search for the hashtag #bDigitalScreen on twitter. (You might also try tweeting for help with the hashtag #bDigitalScreen.)

Try our "Ask an 'A' Student Service"

CRAs Kelsey and Judy have already passed courses just like this one. If the advice of a student would be helpful, send them an e-mail:

Kelsey and Judy have agreed to keep your questions anonymous. They do not participate in grading.

Contact an Instructor

Instructors sometimes tweet material related to the class at @bDigitalScreen but (just like everyone else on twitter) they may not notice twitter DMs or @ mentions. If you want an answer, e-mail them.

Instructor: Professor Christian Sandvig
Office: 5385 North Quad
My mailbox is in the Communication Studies 5th floor mailbox room (5334 North Quad)
Office Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Wednesdays and by appointment
Office Telephone: 265-6287

Graduate Student Instructor: Kitior Ngu
Office: 5344 North Quad
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:30 and by appointment

Note that CRAs do not hold office hours.

Work in the Design Labs

Some students are interested in a place to work on class assignments and the final project where they will have someone on hand to assist them in case they get stuck. The consultants in the Design Labs (Rooms 1321 & 3360, Duderstadt Center) are generally familiar with many of the technologies covered by our final projects. These labs are staffed with consultants until 9pm M-Th, and 5pm Fridays. The manager of the labs has offered this as a resource to our class.