Lab Assignments

Lab assignments are posted here as the semester progresses. Lab assignments are released two weeks before the deadline for that assignment.
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Open Lab Hours: Our class software is supported in all general-use campus computer labs, including labs that are open 24 hours.

The /afk Pass: You get two /afk passes during the semester. Each pass gives you an automatic 24-hour extension on a lab assignment. You can spend both of them on one assignment (for 48 hours) or one pass on each of two different assignments. You spend your /afk passes by being late, there is no need to tell anyone.


Also see the software page to install the necessary programs for each lab.

The Zeroth Award: This award is meant to encourage you to start (and finish) assignments early. In computing, the first thing in a list is often numbered 0 rather than 1. Your lab assignment can win The Zeroth Award in two ways. It will win if it is first assignment turned in, and/or it will win if it is turned in at least three full days before the deadline. A maximum of 10% of the class can recieve this award. This means that if more than 10% of the class turns in the assignment three full days before the deadline, those who turned in the assignment earliest will win, up to a maximum of 10% of the class. If you win the Zeroth Award you will receive +5% extra credit on the assignment that won.

Hacker Mode: If you already know the material in one of the lab assignments, you are welcome to propose a significantly modified version or an alternative (but related) assignment that would be beneficial for you. Proposals for hacker mode should be e-mailed to soon enough that you still have enough time to complete the modified assignment -- ideally just after the assignment you wish to modify is released. A short, one-paragraph proposal is fine.
Hacker mode assignments will be graded in place of the normal assignment, and hacker mode assignments will also receive between +10-60% of extra credit on that assignment just for completing a Hacker mode, regardless of the grade on the assignment. Hacker mode proposals should always be harder and/or more work than the original assignments. Do not begin work on a modified assignment until this has been approved by the instructors.

Permanently Beta: If you get something wrong on your assignments, you can revise them to improve your grade. Only revisions that will change your grade by a full letter grade (10%) or more will be considered. For instance, If you received a 90% or above you cannot submit a revision. If you received a 70% you cannot submit a revision for a single part of an assignment worth just 2%, as that is less than 10%. You must submit this to your GSI within 7 days of receiving your grade on Canvas. Grades older than 7 days cannot be revised.
To revise an assignment: First, re-do the portion(s) of the assignment you would like to revise. Then prepare a document that highlights the changes that you made. For instance, you can use Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat's "Track Changes" / "Compare Documents" or you can manually indicate what you have changed. This should include both changes to code and to lab reports. Finally, write a new document explaining in a constructive and professional manner how you would revise the assignment for future students to make it less likely that other students would make this mistake. Submit all three documents (your changed files, your desciption of your changes, and your proposed changes to the assignment) via email to your GSI.