May 12-26, 2012

Saturday, May 12

  • Arrival and Dinner
  • Delegation Leaders meet briefly with Forum Leaders after dinner

Sunday, May 13

  • Forum Orientation and University of Michigan Tour
    • Constance Cook, Erping Zhu

Monday, May 14

  • Overview of U.S. Higher Education and the University of Michigan
    • Constance Cook
  • University of Michigan Communications Plan for China
    • Lisa Rudgers, William Foreman
  • Roles and Strategic Priorities of the President
    • Mary Sue Coleman
  • The Provost’s Roles and Strategic Priorities
    • Philip Hanlon
  • Opening Banquet with Provost Hanlon
    • Hosted by the Dow Chemical Company

Tuesday, May 15

  • Hiring and Evaluating Faculty at the University of Michigan
    • Jack Hu, Deborah Goldberg
  • Research Administration and Technology Transfer
    • Jun Ni
  • Development and Fundraising
    • Jerry May
  • Organizational Meeting for Delegation
  • Tour of the University of Michigan Museum of Art

Free Evening at 6:00pm

Wednesday, May 16

  • Research Priorities
    • Stephen Forrest
  • Research Administration and Technology Transfer
    • Marvin Parnes, Elaine Brock, Kenneth Nisbet, Robin Rasor
  • The Role of the Board of Regents
    • Sally Churchill
  • Government Relations
    • Cynthia Wilbanks
  • Dinners in the Private Homes of the Deans

Thursday, May 17

  • Supporting and Enriching Undergraduate Education
    • Lester Monts
  • Tour of the Henry Ford Museum
  • U-M Board of Regents Meeting (The delegation has been invited to observe the meeting of the University's governing board.)

Friday, May 18

Morning programming for those who run medical schools

  • Management of the Medical School
    • James Woolliscroft, Victor DiRita, Monica Lypson, Rajesh Mangrulkar, Steve Kunkel, Margaret Gyetko

Morning programming for those on campuses with no medical school

  • Faculty Governance at the University of Michigan
    • Michael Thouless, David Gerdes
  • Student Mental Health Services
    • Cheryl King, Daniel Eisenberg, Todd Sevig

Afternoon Programming

  • Tour of the Mott Children’s Hospital
  • Understanding the University of Michigan Budget
    • Martha Pollack
  • Midterm Student Feedback
    • Matthew Kaplan
  • Dinner hosted by Renaissance Health Service Corp/Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

Saturday, May 19

  • U.S. and China: Emerging Trends in Higher Education; Introduction to Faculty Development; Teaching Center Services and Strategies
    • Constance Cook
  • How to Improve Student Learning
    • Erping Zhu, Mary Wright
  • Panel and Conversation with Chinese Faculty at the University of Michigan
  • Barbeque dinner hosted by the Confucius Institute, the Senior Vice Provost, and CRLT

Sunday, May 20 - Chicago

  • Free Day, Shopping Trip, or Detroit Tigers Baseball Game

  • Free Evening

Monday, May 21

  • Undergraduate Education and Liberal Arts
    • Terrence McDonald
  • Working with University Leaders to Create a Culture of Teaching
    • Constance Cook
  • High Impact Practices for Educational Excellence
    • Philip Deloria
  • Fostering Student Innovation and Creativity
    • Theresa Reid, Thomas Zurbuchen, Mark Burns
  • Dinner with the CRLT Professional Staff

Tuesday, May 22

  • How to Evaluate Teaching
    • Matthew Kaplan
  • Strategic Planning and Educational Excellence in the College of Engineering
    • David Munson
  • Luncheon hosted by AVL North America
  • Collaborations Between the University of Michigan and Chinese Universities
    • Mark Tessler
  • Organizational Meeting for Delegation
  • Public Lecture for the U-M Community
    China’s Higher Education: A New Phase of Reform and Development
    • GONG Ke, Head of Delegation and President, Nankai University
  • Reception for the U-M Community and Chinese Delegation

Reception, followed by Free Evening

Wednesday, May 23

  • Discussion with the President
    • Mary Sue Coleman
  • Curricular Reform and Assessment
    • Matthew Kaplan
  • Meeting with the Governor of the State of Michigan and Tour of the Michigan State Capitol Building
  • Lansing Alumni Reception at the Capitol Building

Thursday, May 24

  • Evaluation and Future Plans
  • Thanks and Gifts
  • Farewell Luncheon with President Colemann
  • Departure for Chicago by Coach in the Afternoon
  • Arrival in Chicago for Dinner

Friday, May 25

  • Tour of Chicago, Visit to University of Chicago, and Shopping

Saturday, May 26

  • Departure for Beijing