mechanoChem codes:

  • mechanoChem: The mechanoChem code is an isogeometric analysis based code used to solve the partial differential equations describing solid mechanics (including gradient elasticity) and chemistry (including the Cahn-Hilliard phase field model). This code is built on the PetIGA and PETSc libraries, and it uses the automatic differentiation capabilities of the Sacado package from the Trilinos library. Many of the results presented in our research of microstructure in materials were computed with this code. Some sample results are shown below.

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    This code has been developed under the support of the following:
    • NSF DMREF grant: DMR1436154 "DMREF: Integrated Computational Framework for Designing Dynamically Controlled Alloy-Oxide Heterostructures"
    • NSF CDI Type I grant: CHE1027729 "Meta-Codes for Computational Kinetics"
    • DOE BES, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering: Award #DE-SC0008637 that funds the PRedictive Integrated Structural Materials Science (PRISMS) Center at University of Michigan