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Center for Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities

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Motor Behavior Goals and Objectives:
Elementary School

Elementary School (6-12 years)

  • Goal 1: Improves skill level in basic gross motor skills and uses the skills during games.
    • Objective 1: Improves ability to throw, kick, catch, bat, and run.
    • Objective 2: Learns to play kick ball.
    • Objective 3: Learns to play wiffle ball.
    • Objective 4: Learns how to dribble a playground ball or junior basketball.
    • Objective 5: Learns how to shoot a junior- size basketball or other appropriate ball into a basket or hoop positioned at head level (increase the height and distance from the hoop as the child succeeds).
    • Objective 6: Initiates gross motor play with other children at school and at home.
    • Objective 7: Learns the basic skills needed to play a simple soccer type game with a few other children.
    • Objective 8: Learns how to give "high 5's" to other players following a good play.
  • Goal 2: Learns the basic skills needed to participate in other physical activities performed by family members and peers.
    • Objective 1: Learns how to ride a bicycle.
    • Objective 2: Learns the important skills needed to play in the swimming pool.
    • Objective 3: Can go on hikes with the family in the neighborhood and park.
    • Objective 4: Can display dance-like movements to music
    • Objective 5: Learns how to throw and catch a Frisbee.
  • Goal 3: Learns Physical Fitness Activities and Improves the Current Level of Health-related Fitness.
    • Objective 1: Learns and uses a stationary bicycle to improve cardiovascular endurance.
    • Objective 2: Learns and uses several basic exercises to improve abdominal, chest, arm, leg, and back strength.
    • Objective 3: Initiates vigorous and sustained physical activity at home each day.

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