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The webpage cannot be found

 HTTP 404

Most likely causes:

  • Alex may have suffered from a bout of senioritis and was too slothful to make his SSG main page.
  • Maybe he spent a long time on the main page but then uploaded it incorrectly because of too much sleep.

What you can try:


Ignore him and try this page.


Write an angry letter while viewing this page


Scoff while reading this other page


Compose an email to Dr. Koreeda. But in the meanwhile, read what's over here.


Fill out a poor evaluation. Then read the cool stuff on this webpage.


Let him off the hook and take a gander at what this page has to say.


This error (HTTP 404 not found) suggests that the page does not exist. And yet it clearly exists. If none of the above solutions appease you, please return to the W10 HTML Project Homepage