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Get in touch with your inner wolverine! Stand behind your team! Get a cool shirt!
The Blue Rage is a group of devoted Michigan basketball fans who stand in for Maize Rage, the student cheering section, while the students are away on break. Like Maize Rage, Blue Rage has the goal of providing our team with the best home court advantage in college basketball, while having a little fun along the way. The Blue Rage is open for everyone who loves Michigan basketball. Our goals are simple: have fun, make lots of noise, and never sit down!

Tickets are in the STANDING ONLY bleachers in the student section RIGHT BEHIND THE TEAM. Each ticket comes with a Blue Rage shirt and pizza before the first game. Tickets will be handed out when you pick up your shirts and pizza at the UM Golf clubhouse.

The 2012/13 Club Package is SOLD OUT!

Join us next year: If you are interested in joining the Blue Rage next season, please fill out the application in "How to Join." Just remember you'll have a duty as a Blue Rager: YOU HAVE TO WORK by STANDING AND CHEERING for our team!

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