The Island of Misfit Toys
Welcome! If you've arrived here, chances are you have nowhere else to go. We have some of that right here! Enjoy these forlorned but unloved bullet points; why not take one home today?

How serious can you get?
  • Ain't We Got Bald?: Many of us would like to be bald, and many just got that way; do your part to support follicular freedom.
  • All Things Cady: don't you long to know more about the surname to the stars, the half name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the almost name of John Candy, David Cassidy, and Keith Carradine, the name without which I would just be John?

Ok, no more of that
  • My friend Paul has created a visual zen garden of a website, including not 1 but 9 Miscellanies as well as Barns and Farms. He even presents that perennial holiday classic, Pookie's Vacation, in photomation.

    Caution: peruse and lose yourself in a place far from the worldly cares that aggravate me every $#@! day. If you find yourself unable, or unwilling - to leave it - that's not my fault. Paul's over in Milan.

  • My friend Roberta Pergher is a super-brain, a champion skier, and the fiance of my great buddy Dave from high school. She's finishing her Ph.D dissertation in History as we speak, so be quiet when you visit her site.

psst: wanna buy some John?

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