About Us

The University of Michigan chapter of the Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) was established in the Fall of 2011 under the national organization, the Business Careers in Entertainment Association. The BCEC was formed with the goal of helping students prepare for careers in the entertainment industry.

"Our mission is to provide all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, regardless of academic degree, with the essential career development mind-set and hands-on experience vital to obtain professional entertainment networking connections, internships, and job opportunities within both the creative and business ends of the entertainment industry."

Although University of Michigan has a renowned business program, BCEC's officers found few opportunities to learn more about and explore the entertainment industry. They realized that it was up to them to take the initiative in pursuing a career in entertainment. As a result, BCEC was formed to bring resources to students, providing them with the professional development, experience, and network to successfully pursue a career in entertainment, whether business or creative.