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The Brain, Cognition, and Action Laboratory: A Tour

Welcome to the BCA Lab tour.  Below, you can see our facilities and experimental testing equipment.

Outside Door to East Hall
  To get to the BCA lab, enter East Hall through the Church Street entrance (shown at the left) and go downstairs to the basement.
Map of East Hall Basement
This map shows where our lab is located with respect to the above entrance.
Door to the BCA Laboratory
Here is the door to the BCA lab.
Our Rack of Lab Coats
Like any laboratory, we keep our lab coats hanging by the door.
The Experiment Command Center
This is our "Command Center" where research assistants test our participants in psychological experiments.
Testing room #1
The participant sits on the other side of the wall, in a private room.  High-tech audio-visual and computer equipment connects them to the command center, and special-purpose hardware and software helps us conduct experiments.
Testing Room #2
Here is another testing room, complete with chin-rest to insure our stimuli have uniform visual angles.
The sound-proof booth
Some of our testing goes on in this sound-proof booth.
The board of science
Here is the "Wall of Science", where we record what happens during our lab meetings.
The storage closet
Our storage closet.

Last modified June 12, 2002