Michigan Basketball student tickets are sold through the University of Michigan Athletic Ticket Office. Tickets are sold to currently enrolled students in March with football tickets and in September. Incoming students can order tickets in June.

Seating Policy

*Note* The seating policy for student tickets for the 2011-12 season has not been established due to renovations of Crisler Arena. The following is the previous year's seating policy and is subject to change.

Students will receive vouchers for each home game (excluding break games). With the exception of pre-determined premium games, students will present their M-Card and voucher to an attendant at Gate E. On a first-come first-serve basis, students will exchange his or her voucher for a ticket for general admission seating in the bleachers, then the blue section (sections 16 and 19), and then the gold section (upper bowl). Wristbands will be given to students who receive a ticket for the bleachers. Both ticket and wristband are required for seating in the bleachers. To sit in a group, every member of the group must exchange his or her voucher for a ticket at Gate E. There will be no saving wristbands for friends.

Crisler Seating Chart

Students will receive an email asking them to pick up their ticket for the premium games. The tickets are for general admission in either the bleachers, the blue, or the gold. Seating location is determined on the student's attendance at the previous games. Priority groups will be formed based on the number of games attended (i.e. one group for students who have attended every game, another for students who have missed one game, and so on). Groups with the highest priority will be given tickets for the bleachers. After the bleachers are filled, groups with the next highest priority will be given tickets for the blue. All remaining student ticket holders will be given tickets for the gold. If there is not sufficient seating in a section (bleachers or blue) for an entire priority group, members of that priority group will be randomly selected until the bleachers (or blue) are filled.

Requirements For Sitting in Bleachers

Students with a ticket in the bleachers are required to wear a maize Michigan shirt (preferably basketball related), a Michigan basketball jersey, or a costume. Students who do not comply with this requirement may be moved to the blue or gold sections. It is also required that students in the bleachers stand up during game action. It looks bad on television when some of the students are sitting down.