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Power Award Recipients


Elizabeth M. Douvan Catherine Neafie Kellogg Professor of Psychology

Rhetaugh G. Dumas Dean and Professor, School of Nursing

Marilyn Mason Professor of Music (Organ) and University Organist

Harriet C. Mills Professor of Chinese, Far Eastern Languages and Literatures

Barbara Furin Sloat Director of Women in Science Program


Jean W. Campbell Director, Continuing Education for Women

Anita H. Payne Professor of Biological Chemistry and Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rosemary C. Sarri Professor of Social Work


Muriel D. Ross Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Eva L. Mueller Professor Economics


Jacquelynne S. Eccles Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies, Assistant Vice-President for Research

Maxine Baca Zinn Professor of Sociology, U-M--Flint


Beth Glover Reed Associate Professor of Social Work and Women's Studies

Helen M. Graves Associate Professor of Political Science, U-M, Dearborn 1990

Irene H. Butter Professor of Public Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health

Peggie J. Hollingsworth Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Pharmacology, Medical School, Environmental and Industrial Health, School of Public Health


Janice M. Jenkins Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Jean P. Krisch Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Phyllis M. Ocker Associate Director, Athletics for Women; Assistant Professor of Sports Management and Communications


Inese Z. Beitins Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases

Susan S. Kilham Associate Professor of Biology and Associate Research Scientists

Virginia B. Nordby Associate Vice President for Student Affairs


Martha J. Vicinus Professor of English Language and Literature, and Women's Studies


Patricia Y. Gurin Professor of Psychology and Chair

Susan S. Lipschutz Associate Provost


Mary L. Brake Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Miriam H. Meisler Professor of Human Genetics


Lois W. Gage Professor Emeritus of Nursing

Edie Goldenberg Dean, College of Literature, Science and Arts


Joanne Leonard Professor of Art and of Women's Studies

Patricia K. Smith Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Women's studies, U-M, Dearborn


Maria Cominou, Ph.D., J.D. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Linda N. Groat, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Architecture


Christin Carter-Su, Ph.D. Professor of Physiology and Academic Program Director, Michigan Diabetes Research Center

Abigail J. Stewart, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies and Director, Institute for Research on Women and Gender


Margaret (Peggy) F. Kahn, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences, Women and Gender Studies Program, U-M Flint and Research Scientist, Center for the Education of Women

Anne W. Monterio, M.A. Assistant Dean for Students, Engineering Undergraduate Education, College of Engineering

Patricia B.D. Shure, A.M. Lecturer in Mathematics, College of Literature, Science and the Arts


James E. Gruber, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences, College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, U-M Dearborn

Jayne A. Thorson, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Director Faculty Affairs, Medical School


Lisa Tedesco and Noemi Mirkin


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