The Arab Student Association's E-board is excited to invite you to many events and activities on and off campus. Below are the people behind the scenes. If you are interested in joining their committees, feel free to email them:

President: Ghida Dagher
Email Address:

External Relations: Abbas Alawieh
Email Address:

Secretary: Katrina Qaryouti
Email Address:

Treasurer: Salem Najjar
Email Address:

Outreach Chair: Andrew Dalack
Email Address:

Outreach Chair: Fatima Ballout
Email Address:

Community Service Chair: Ahmed Al-Khafaji
Email Address:

Community Service Chair: Haidar Skeirek
Email Address:

Cultural Chair: Rieham Owda
Email Address:

Cultural Chair: Sherif Metwally
Email Address:

Social Chair: Aieyat Zalzala
Email Address:

Social Chair: Mona El-Hout

Mahmoud Abdallah
Majd Abdelahad
Haya Abu-Seir
Hisam Ajouz
Salim Alchurbaji
Abdallah Ali
Rola Aqel
Lama Bandar
Ali Bazzi
Tonia Berry
Rami Bzeih
Hussein Fardous
Sandra Fadel
Raya Fares
Zainab Farhat
Waleed Farwana
Sami Hammoud
Alysse Harb
Sayed Hassaballah
Jad Ibrahim
Leen Khatib
Khalid Miri
Christy Sulaiman
Angela Sultani

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