Here is the place to find out about genres that make up the varied and colorful world of anime. 

Giant Robot Anime   Homosexual Anime
Giant Robots have had a powerful influence and presence in early and contemporary anime. This article investigates the definition and meaning of this important genre.   Yaoi is a lesser-known genre to American audiences, as a lot of anime from this genre doesn't get localized. Learn about the concepts and conventions used in this genre.
Boys' Anime   Girls' Anime
If you like action, comedy, machines, and guns, shounen anime is where it's at. Learn about anime for male audiences, and how it works.   Anime isn't just for boys! Shoujo anime is a huge market, with its own distinct style and following.
Samurai Anime   Listing of Anime We Cite
Samurai anime celebrates Japan's rich cultural history. Find out more about the appearances of the aristocratic warriors of feudal Japan.   See a lot of the anime we have talked about here!
Pornographic Anime    
An analysis on pornographic anime, and what it means to be obsessed.    


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