Who are we? Why have we done such a thing? Read below to find out!
  The Site
This site was designed in order to provide information about anime to a wide audience, from first-time viewers to serious fan-subbers. The information provided is on a wide range of topics, from tips about common gestures used to in-depth discussions on the mecha genre. A site dealing with the literary, as well as the cultural and historical implications of various anime was a necessary and unique addition to anime websites, we thought. So, That Anime Project was born. Throughout the course of this project, we've had a great deal of fun - as well as put in a lot of hard work - learning about anime. We've done everything from applying literary theories to pornographic anime (Return of the Overfiend) to studying the cultural implications of human-shaped giant robots.

The Class
This site was created as a part of the University of Michigan's English 414 course, entitled "Multimedia Explorations in the Humanities". This course is taught - though guided might be a better word - by Professor Eric Rabkin. He envisioned a course in which students would design websites that "reflect a serious and creative approach to a well-defined humanities topic by using appropriate scholarly resources to address the topic, taking advantage of today's available presentational technologies, present the results in a compelling way that is appropriate to the matter, purpose, and audience for the product." The course is designed in such a way that future students may contribute to and extend the scope of previous projects. If you are interested in contributing to this project, visit Dr. Eric Rabkin's homepage to learn more.

The People

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