Don't let us tell you! Hear it from the students themselves. ALMA is sure to provide a fun and enlightening experience that you won't forget!


Meet others starting college just like you
"Going through ALMA was fun, but it's the people who I met in those four days who have made this entire year a great experience."
-Roxanna Vigil

Network with older students
"I met a lot of upper classmates who in many ways helped me get settled and adjust to the new college life. ALMA... also opened many friendships, and I find myself enjoying that the most."
-Judith Vazquez

Meet helpful staff and faculty
"I'm glad I did ALMA because it helped build a network of people that helped further my education."
-Chris Delgado

Workshops will prepare you for sensitive issues
"My best memory of ALMA is of the Challenge Program we went to. We were able to come together by doing activities such as the low ropes course...of course we all almost fell in the dirt, but that was the most memorable part of it."
-Suzi Lopez

Create lasting bonds & friendships through team-building activities
"The magic of ALMA does not happen during the program but after, when you finally get the chance to value the friendships you've formed."
-Lorea Coronado-Garcia

Enter the U-M feeling good about being Latina/o
"I never really had any Latino friends, and was afraid I wouldn't fit in during ALMA. However, that definitely wasn't the case. I still hang out with people I met during ALMA, and am grateful to the coordinators of my ALMA program for letting me meet so many awesome people."
-Ricardo Arias

Learn about resources and offices that will help you throughout college
"[ALMA] provides lots of useful information and lays an important helps catch people and guide them before they have the chance to slip thru the cracks or get lost."
-Lorea Coronado-Garcia

"ALMA fue una experiencia inolvidable y espero que todos se diviertan mucho."
-Alba Arredondo