Lead Coordinator Finance & Expansion On-Campus Liaison Participant Liaison
Eric Hernandez Nathan Milety Odilia Garcia Guadalupe Ayala


Team Descriptions

Lead Coordinator
Develops a plan of recruitment for volunteers and implements this plan. The lead coordinator is also in charge of overseeing the duties of the rest of the team.

Finance & Expansion
Responsible for proposal writing, presentations, and general solicitation of funds by devising a fundraising plan. Also responsible for devising an advertisement plan for the program, creation of brochures, website, introduction letter, logo, and letterhead. Will continually create ideas and plans for the improvement and/or expansion of ALMA

On-Campus Liaison
Will work with the development of the schedule for the program. Responsibilities include reservation coordination, arrangements of all component necessities (facilities, materials), and coordination with offices.

Participant Liaison
Will work with participants from registration to arrival (including all confirmations and travel arrangements). Responsibilities include coordination of phone call outs and working closely with promotions/expansion to create brochures. The participant liaison will be the center of information for the ALMA participants.

ALMA Mentorship Committee
The purpose of the ALMA Mentorship Committee (AMC) is to blend fresh minds team that will provide ALMA participants the opportunity to receive extended guidance and support from current University of Michigan students. The AMC is designed to aid students in their transition to college and strengthen their motivation, academic success, connection to the university and knowledge of campus resources.