Ask Us!

Hopefully we've answered most of your questions. Some common questions students have are listed to the right. If you any more inquiries, e-mail

Please look out for communication from us! It is extremely important that students watch for the brochure & application we send through the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

When students participate in the program, it is something they carry with them for their entire college careers. The Latino community and its students, staff, and faculty all collaborate through this program to assist our incoming students. We do insist that if students participate that they attend every workshop/activity. We only ask that you bring enthusiasm and we'll do the rest!

Hopefully, in browsing through the site (including the schedule), you've learned more about what ALMA is. But we know you may still have some questions, including these frequently asked questions:

When will I find out how to apply for ALMA?
We will be sending a Welcome Letter followed by a brochure. The brochure will be sent in June and will act as the application that is sent back to us (please note the deadline on brochure!). If you do not receive an application/brochure either use the online registration under the Applications tab or e-mail
How much does ALMA cost?
Because of all the costs we incur (early move-in, meals, activities) we have to charge each student $20. Trust us, it's worth it. We have yet to have any student say this is too much. Make checks/money orders payable to: University of Michigan - ALMA Program
Will I have help moving in? Can parents attend Welcome Reception?
Yes and yes! We will ask you when you'll be arriving and will be at your dorm to greet you and help you move all your things in. If you need someone to pick you up from the airport, we'll be there! Parents are more than welcome to stay for the opening reception - we encourage it!