ALMA Mentorship Program - Overview of Activities 2011-2012


Fall 2011


- Study Skills
- Time Management
- Office Hours
- Becoming familiarized with the campus/transportation
- Setting semester/year long goals


- Festifall
- Involvement in student organizations
- What roles do you want to have in these organizations?
- Getting to know resources offered on campus
- Meet faculty/staff of departments of interest


- Healthy Living
- Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Substance Use and Abuse
- Backpacking for Winter Semester classes
- Meet with Academic Advisors


- Finals
- Study tables, office hours, etc.


- Room for improvements
- What changes will you make in the new semester? What habits have you established? Where can you get help from for the semester?


- Money management
- What money habits will you change in the new semester?
- Fill out/meet deadlines for scholarship applications
- How to write your resume
- Get help from the Career Center


- Backpacking for Fall classes
- Making appointments with academic advisors
- ALMA Volunteer Applications are due!


- Studying for Finals (helpful study habits!)
- Reflecting on your first year
- Were you happy with your grades? With your participation in organizations? With your study habits? Time management? Meeting your goals?
- What are your summer plans?
- Study abroad? Jobs? Spring/summer term?