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MDOT - Michigan Department of Transportation website. Be sure to check out the state highway map page and order a free 2001 map while you're at it! Also, don't miss the Projects Under Construction or Projects Under Study pages or the following projects/studies ...

M-6 South Grand Rapids Beltway : US-31 Holland-Muskegon freeway proposal : US-131 freeway extension proposal (Indiana Toll Road to Three Rivers) : US-31 freeway completion, Berrien Co. : I-73 feasibility study : I-94 Detroit reconstruction study : I-94 Jackson modernization study : Blue Water Bridge Plaza Study

MTO - Ministry of Transportation Ontario. Don't miss the online version of the Ontario Official Highway Map! Also, be sure to check out the Highway 416 construction page and real time traffic cameras. Major Ontario projects/studies ...

Niagara Peninsula transportation study *PDF : Highway 11 four-laning : Highway 69 four-laning

ODOT - Ohio Department of Transportation Website. Don't miss 51 years of the Ohio Transportation Map or the online edition of the current map. Major Ohio project/studies ... 

I-280 Maumee River Crossing : US-24 corridor study : I-670 Reconstruction

Ohio Turnpike - Ohio Turnpike Commission website

Wayne County, MI - Official Wayne County website; home of Detroit Metro Airport. Be sure to check out the roads page.



Highway 407/ETR - North America's first all electronic toll highway (located north & west of Toronto, ON). Be sure to give the interactive highway map a try!

I-73/I-74 - Congressional High Priority Corridor 5. Includes information on the proposed I-73 route in Michigan.

Michiana Roads - Route information and highway photos in the Michiana region by Marc Fannin. 

Michigan Highways - Informational listings including complete histories of all Michigan highways by Christopher Bessert. Also check out Chris' Osceola County map site, as well as his other sample maps on his homepage.

Ohio State Highways - Information on each & every state highway in Ohio compiled by John Simpson.

Ontario Provincial Highways - Informational listings for all Ontario highways including an extensive listing of what became of former provincial highways. Page is by Christopher Bessert.

US 27 Corridor Updates - Contains construction photos and maps of the new US 127 (formerly US 27) St. John's bypass north of Lansing, as well as maps of the eventual upgrade of the rest of the highway to Interstate standards in preparation for a possible I-73 routing in Michigan one day.



eBay - The largest selection of collectibles (including maps) for sale on the internet!

RMCA - Road Map Collectors Association, a group of road map collectors throughout North America and Great Britain who have have joined together to promote the hobby and network with trading partners. Site contains invaluable map collecting information including the Official Maps Master List (an attempt to catalog all known "official" road maps), articles on collecting, and a whole lot more.



DeLorme - Publisher of the famous Atlas @ Gazetteer series and a leading publisher of digital mapping software. Be sure to check out their EarthaMaps™.

MapArt - Canada's largest map and atlas publisher; the most accurate, colorful (colourful), and easy to use maps of any publisher, in my opinion. You can now place orders online on their recently redesigned website!

Mapquest - The unequivocal leader in online maps and publisher of the popular National Geographic Road Atlas series and software. Be sure to check out their recently added aerial photos as well as their European-style cartography option.

Other publishers of interest ... American Map Corporation : Rand McNally : Universal Map



AA Roads - Home to the most comprehensive highway sign gallery as well as an overall invaluable resource.

Michigan Highway Ends - Ends photography covering the entire Great lakes State by Dan Garnell.

Michigan Road Photos - A quickly growing collection of highway photography maintained by Dan Garnell.

County Road Signs of Michigan - A site illustrating signage practices for each Michigan county by Sean Lyons.

The King's Highway - A history of Ontario's highway including historic photos by Cameron Bevers.

The King's Highway Ends - Ends photography covering the province of Ontario by Earl Andrew Washburn.

Ohio Highway Ends - Ends photography covering the entire Buckeye State by Dan Garnell.

Ohio Road Photos - A quickly growing collection of highway photography by Dan Garnell and Sean Lyons.

County Road Signs of Ohio - A site illustrating signage practices for each Ohio county by Sean Lyons.



About Via - A once invaluable guide to roads, signs, and maps on the internet, this site is woefully out of date.

dmoz: Roads and Highways - dmoz Open Directory Project - Top: Recreation: Roads and Highways - a directory of road related sites similar to About Via. Also check out their maps directory.  Continually updated.



The Detroit News - The Detroit News online edition. Be sure to check out the "Commuting" column in the "Metro" section.

The Detroit Free Press - The Detroit Free Press online.  Be sure to check out the "Driving Today" column in the "Metro" section.

The Toledo Blade - The Toledo Blade online edition.

The Toronto Star - The Toronto Star online edition.



Michigan Tourism - Great Lakes, Great Times!

Ohio Tourism - Ohio: So much to Discover!

Ontario Tourism - Ontario: More to Discover!



misc.transport.road FAQ - Answers to a number of highway related questions hosted by the Open Directory Project.

Highway Route Markers - A field guide to highway shields by James Lin.

kurumi.com - Field Guide to Interchanges, Signmaker, Trivia, and much, much more ... Check it out!



City of Wyandotte, MI - My hometown

The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - Here are some links that are of particular significance to me: School of Music; University of Michigan Men's Glee Club.


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