Gallery 9: Germany/Czech Republic  [page 3]

5 more photos taken in the city of Bautzen which celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2002.

The white rectangular sign shows the street name.  The border region of the state of Saxony in which Bautzen is located is home to large Sorbian ethnic minority and consequently all local street signs in this region are posted in both German and the Sorbian language.

Yield sign and pedestrian traffic signal.

Reassurance marker for federal highway B96.

More diagrammatic signage.  The red, white, and blue "T" above the up arrow denotes a dead end street.

Still more diagrammatic signage.  Note the local destinations (white background) and alternate style of autobahn directional signage without the route number or control cities.

Unnumbered rural road near the Baltic coast west of Wismar.  Note that all pavement markings in Germany are white except in construction zones, and that this road does serve two-way traffic.

Same road looking in the opposite direction.

Speed limit sign and parking regulations.  The red and blue circle and the white sign below it indicate no parking on the shoulder in either direction.  I am not sure whether the second sign from the top (stating that the regulation is in effect between 9:00 and 19:00 hours) applies to the speed limit or the parking restriction.

The last 4 photos on this page are of the southbound D8 motorway in the Czech Republic.

  The pair of blue and white signs mark the beginning of motorway restrictions.

Advance exit signage.  Motorway signage is green while national routes are shown on a blue background.  Note the placement of the exit number on the tab above the "BGS."

Exit signage.

Gore signage.  Note the advertising posted on the overpass.


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