Gallery 9: Germany/Czech Republic  [page 2]

White and orange "obstruction" signage at the edge of a preserved segment of the Berlin wall.  Note the pink stripe on the pavement in the foreground that marks the former path of the wall in the street. 

Tram lines in the median of a major street in Dresden.

These signs, seen here in Dresden, direct motorists to parking structures while indicating the number of free spaces, and are common in German city centers. 

The remainder of the photos on this page were taken in the small city of Bautzen east of Dresden.

The white and yellow diamond indicates that this street is a "priority road" and therefore has the right of way at all intersections until a stop, yield, or "end priority road" sign is posted.  The white sign below it indicates that the priority road bends to the right at the upcoming intersection.

Diagrammatic signage in advance of an intersection indicating lane use.  The blue box directs motorists to the A4 autobahn.  The white circle on the up-arrow signifies that the through road is closed ahead of the intersection.  The red tape X's indicate that the intersection itself is closed due to construction.

Directional signage at the intersection.  Note the yield sign adjacent to the signal.  In Germany many signals are switched off at night and on weekends and therefore supplemental signs (yield, stop, and "priority road" signs) are used for these times.  In this case the signal is switched off due to the road closure.

The blue circle with an arrow indicates the mandatory direction of travel.

The white and red triangular sign in this photo indicates uneven pavement ahead.

Directional signage indicating the federal highway number, control cities, and distances at an intersection.

"Einbanstraße" or "One way street" sign.  The blue and red sign prohibits parking on this street.

Bridge over a railroad yard, looking north towards the city center.

Looking east from the same location.

View from the bridge, looking east.

Another diagrammatic sign along with white directional signage for local destinations.

Directional signage at the intersection.  The white and yellow diamond posted on the signal pole indicates that this street is a priority road when the signal is switched off.

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