Gallery 8: I-75 Construction  [page 1]

The following photos were taken during January of 2002 before the two-year reconstruction project began showing the need for repair.

I-75 looking North from the London St. overpass in Lincoln Park. The exit ramp is for Dix Hwy

I-75 looking South from the London St. overpass in Lincoln Park. Note the Michigan State Police car on the right shoulder

I-75 overpass over M-39/Southfield Rd. looking West

Underneath the same overpass. The pavement above looks worse than this!

Close-up of underside

Northbound I-75 exit/entrance ramps (looking South)

Northbound I-75 entrance ramp (looking North)

Guide sign for Northbound I-75 motorists

Approach signs on Southfield Rd. about 1/4 mile East of I-75. They've only been up for about a year. Before that, there were only JCT I-75 shields just before the interchange

The southern terminus of M-39 at Lafayette St. (just East of I-75)

Close up of above sign. Note the municipal parking lots in the median of Southfield Rd just beyond Lafayette St. M-85/Fort St. lies just beyond here

The beginning of M-39 North. Note the I-75 overpass in the background

I-75 South at the M-39/Southfield Rd. exit

I-75 South at the Champaign St. overpass, just North of the above photo

I-75 South from the Cicotte St. overpass

I-75 North from the same overpass. Note the newly installed electronic
message board gantry to the left

I-75 North from the Cicotte St. overpass

Close up gantry in background of above photo. The BGS on the left reads:
M-85/Fort St/Schafer Hwy 1 1/4 miles, and the BGS on the right is the
exit for Outer Dr. Note the centered exit tab on the left sign!

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