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The photos on this page were taken during a two week tour of Ireland and Great Britain in May of 2004.

Bridge over the River Corrib in Galway, Ireland.

Diagrammatic signage (in both English and Gaelic) in Galway, Ireland.

Switchback on N67 in County Clare, Ireland.

Alternate view of above.  Note the use of yellow paint to mark the edge of the road but not the centerline.

Signage for Dublin's urban ring roads which were recently designated to better move traffic in and around the city center.  These loop routes (inner and outer) are designated along existing streets.

Directional signage (in both English and Gaelic) in Dublin.

Richmond Street in Dublin, looking south.

An intersection in Glasgow, Scotland.

George Square in Glasgow city center.

Side view of the M8 Motorway north of central Glasgow.

Glasgow intersection (Jamaica and Clyde streets) at night, looking northwest.

Same intersection, looking east.  Note the directional sign directing motorists to the M8 and M77 motorways.

Bridges across the River Clyde taken from Glasgow Bridge looking east.

Intersection in the town of Killearn, Scotland.  Note the speed limit sign (20 mph) on the sideroad and the double yellow lines marking the curb.

Another view of A875 in Killearn.

Street in central Edinburgh, Scotland.

Another street in central Edinburgh, Scotland.

Yet another street in central Edinburgh, Scotland.  Note the overpass for a cross street.  There are many insistences of multiple street levels such as this in central Edinburgh.

A dangerous merge situation on the A1(M) motorway just south of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where the entrance ramp from the southbound Washington service plaza crosses the exit ramp for junction 64.  Traffic exiting the plaza and wishing to continuing south on the A1(M) must come to a complete stop to cross the exit lanes which continue to travel at motorway speeds.  Photo taken from a pedestrian overpass between the service plazas on each side of the motorway.

Westminster Bridge (A302) across the River Thames in central London, looking south.


NRA - "National Roads Authority" of the Republic of Ireland.

Highways Agency - The authority responsible for maintaining trunk roads in England.

cbrd - "Chris's British Road Directory," a comprehensive guide to British roads including histories, maps, photos, links, and much more.

European Driving Regulations - General information about driving on the European continent (British).

Euroroads - Links to major road construction projects across Europe.

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