Gallery 6: Europe  [page 1]

The photos on this page were taken during a three-and-a-half week tour of central Europe during the summer of 1998.

Gantry at Frankfurt International Airport

Suburban neighborhood in a suburb of Lübeck, Germany

Exit sign on the A1 in The Netherlands

Service Center on the A1 in The Netherlands

A1 Motorway looking West from the above Service Center 

Backlit signs on the A1 Motorway outside Antwerp, Belgium 

International-style speed limit sign on the A1 outside Antwerp, Belgium 

Street in central Lille, France

Directional signs in the center of St. Amand-les-Eaux, France

French STOP sign

Service Center on the A2 in Switzerland

The A2 looking North from above Service Center

Exit from the Service Center back to the motorway

Italy's highway 42 (a "Super-2" expressway) as seen from a mountain lookout
just north of Darfo

Hungary's Parliament Building as seen from across the Danube

KM 0 in Budapest, Hungary, from which all distances to Budapest
are measured from.

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