Gallery 5: Grand Rapids  [page 1]

NOTE: the I-75 Seaway Freeway gallery photos have become page 1 of Gallery 8

The photos in this gallery were taken during August of 2004.

Kalamazoo Ave. looking north approaching the nearly complete M-6 interchange.

Division Ave. looking south approaching the M-6 overpass.

Looking west along the south side of M-6 from Division Ave. towards the US-131 interchange.

The newly reconstructed US-131 looking north approaching 68th street and the future M-6 interchange.

68th St./future M-6 exit on northbound US-131.

Northbound US-131 at the 68th St. overpass.  M-6 ramp traffic uses the C/D lanes on either side.

US-131 northbound to M-6 passing underneath the 68th St. onramp.

Sound wall located along the west side of US-131 at the future M-6 interchange.

US-131 northbound approaching the 54th St. exit.  One lane of M-6 interchange traffic becomes an exit only lane for this exit.

US-131 northbound at the 54th St. exit.

US-131 northbound at the 54th St. overpass.

US-131 northbound just north of 54th St.

US-131 northbound approaching 44th St.

Nonstandard exit signage in the gore for Hynes Ave. on northbound US-131.

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