Gallery 4: This is NOT US-127!

The following photos were taken during January of 2002.

Sign assembly at the NW corner of the I-94/N. Concord Rd. Interchange

Sign greeting traffic exiting WB I-94 (there is no equivalent sign at the end of the EB exit ramp). As for the reference to US-127, your guess is as good as mine

Close-up of above (note the hand cut arrows/lettering)

Westbound exit ramp (looking East)

N. Concord Rd. looking North

N. Concord Rd. looking South

I-94 Overpass over N. Concord Rd.

Eastbound entrance/exit ramps (looking East)

Sign assembly on N. Concord Rd. (looking North)


MDOT - The Michigan Department of Transportation

Michigan Highways by Christopher Bessert

Michigan Road Photos by Dan Garnell

Michigan Highway Ends by Dan Garnell

County Road Signs of Michigan by Sean Lyons

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