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Palestine Action Day - 10/2/00

8am-1pm School of Public Health II Lobby - Fundraising for Palestinian hospital treating wounded civilians

1:15 Diag - Protest and Rally

7:30pm MI Union steps - Gather to enter the Michigan Student Assembly demand that the assembly pass a retion condemning Israeli actions and asserting the rights of Palestinians, and to sponsor further educational events on this issue.


Various University organizations, includng ADC-UM, Muslim Student Association, and the Palestine Committee have submitted a resolut to the Michigan Student Assembly condemning Israeli acts of agression tow Palestinins and asking that the University takes an action on educating the campus on thistating conflict

The Assembly will be voting on the resolution Tuesday, Oct 17 at 7:30pm.

The Resolutio as follows


Resolution Recognizing Efforts of U-M Students and Calling for More Education Regarding the History and Funding Behind the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

Whereas, on Ocr 10, 2000 the United Nations supported a resolution deeming the force used upon Palestinian demonstrators and bystanders since Septembe 28 2000 by the Israeli Army to be "excessive and unnecessary

Whereas, since the commencement ofce 95Palestinians have been killed and an estated 1200 injured by Israeli soldiers and settles


Whereas, the response to recent events on campus sponsored Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, The Muslim Students Association, and the Palestine Committee continues to demonstrate the imperative significance of civil and political conflict overseas has upon the residents of our greater University comm

Whereas, knowleof 100_billion US tax/government dollars having supported the Israeli Army overpast 32 years bear decisive meaning for all citizens of the United States of America, including students of public, staunded institution (>

Therefore be it lved that:

The Michigan Student Assembly will recognize and support the efforts of the aforementioned student groups in their efforts to educate and peaceably rally around the issue of Israeli and Palestinian dateconflict

Be it further resolved that the MSA will support and sponsor further educational efforts through the Peace & Justice Commission incl)historical and current status of the Palestinian/Israeli dispute, 2) US monetary involvement in foreign policy matters as it pertains to the like, and 3) prospects for peace and resolution to this near half-century-long conflict.

Hafleh Update

On Saturday, September 30th, nearly 200 students from southeast Michigan gathered at the University of Michigan for the annual back to school Hafleh. The entertainment consisted of both American and Arabic songs which allowed students to celebrate their Arab-American heritage. "It's awesome to see other people my age who like arabic music too" says Paul Saba a junior at the University of Michigan. For over three hours, the students and their guests danced, debked, ate and met new people. Overall, the atmosphere allowed the students to share and enjoy their Arab-American identity. "Growing up, I never really had any other arabs around me so I really wasn't able to share my culture with my peers" said Dina El-Essawi, also a junior at the University. "Going to these Haflehs makes me really proud of my culture". The hafleh was put on by the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) at the University of Michigan. "It's basically just a bunch of students who work together on social, political, and cultural events" explains Nadia Salibi, a senior at the University. The hafleh is just one of the ways this Arab student group attempts to create unity among the members. Bi-weekly meetings, teach-ins about Middle Eastern politics, and community service projetcs are just a few of the events that this group also organizes. The hafleh could not have been put on without the help and sponsorship of PlanetArabia's generous donation. ADC -University of Michigan is looking forward to teaming up with them in the future.

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