How to keep the cops away

How to handle the cops if they knock on your door

How to aviod getting caught for doing illegal things

How to survive party aftermath

How to protect your rights: door signs

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If you are ticketed for a noise violation, open intoxicant, or urinating in public, then your record will stay clean and you'll have to pay $100 for your first offense. For your first MIP, you'll have to pay $50 in court fees and $50 to take a 2-hour class on alcohol abuse.

For all types of violations, subsequent offenses will generally be placed on your record, and you will receive higher fees, probation and/or harsher penalties.

NOTE: For all offenses, standard plea bargains change frequently depending on the prosecutor and officers involved, the police department involved (AAPD or DPS), your "attitude" as determined by the police during the incident and leading to arrest, and other factors unique to your case.

If you do get ticketed for anything, and you are a student at the University of Michigan, then contact Student Legal Services (734-763-9920.) The lawyers at SLS are experts at dealing with the stuff in this handbook, and they will help you win your case for free.

If your rights get trampled on, you can get free help from the ACLU of Michigan at (313)961-4662 ( or the Michigan Student Assembly's Students' Rights Commission at (734)763-3241.