How to keep the cops away

How to handle the cops if they knock on your door

How to aviod getting caught for doing illegal things

How to survive party aftermath

How to protect your rights: door signs

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If you like having the cops at your parties, here are some things you can do to make sure they come:
If you'd rather not party with the cops, here's the things you need to do:
Be LOUD Be quiet

If your neighbors call the cops because you're too loud, or if the cops are driving around and hear your roaring party, then you're in trouble.

Let your neighbors know ahead of time that you'll be having a party, and ask them to call you --instead of the cops-- if the party gets too loud. Then, if your neighbors do call and complain, quiet down. Generally, if you keep the music at a level where people can reasonably talk over it, then it won't be loud enough to catch the interest of any cops in the neighborhood.
Be EXPLOSIVE Be contained

If the party grows beyond the bounds of your property, or your friends start blocking the sidewalk or disrupting traffic, then the cops will want to have a word with you.

Keep your party inside your house, on your porch, and in your yard. The sidewalk isn't yours. That little area of grass beyond the sidewalk isn't yours. Even your driveway is problematic because it's yours, but only until it meets the street, when it becomes not yours.
Be BIG Be small
This doesn't mean you can't have a lot of people over. You can, but try to keep them indoors and on the porch. If the party isn't noticeable, then the cops will drive by.

Even if the party stays on your property, large groups of people hanging around outdoors attract police attention.

Be PUBLIC Be private
Don't publicly advertise your party with posters or fliers. Have some requirement for entering the party. For example, in order to get into the party, each partier must know the host or at least be a friend-of-a-friend of the host. This way, the cops can't just stroll in without knocking.
If you advertise your party with flyers, or let everyone in who wants to come in, then your house or apartment will be considered the equivalent of a field: open to the cops and everyone else.
Offer Free Donuts