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"AgJOBS and CIRA 2007." Rural Migration News July 2007. 11 Dec. 2007      <http://migration.ucdavis.edu/rmn/more.php?id=1226_0_4_0>.

This article is from the Rural Migration News, a news-magazine published by the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of California-Davis.  The article discusses the Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act, which is part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.  It extensively outlines CIRA 2007 and the implications it would have on migrant workers in California as well as undocumented workers. 

"Americans for Better Immigration Ratings." Project Vote Smart. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://votesmart.org/issue_rating_detail.php?r_id=3549>.

This website outlines the agenda of the interest group, “America Immigration Lawyers Association.”  It also lists what ratings it gave to politicians in the Senate and the House.

"American Immigration Lawyers Association Ratings." Project Vote Smart. 2      Dec. 2007 <http://votesmart.org/issue_rating_detail.php?r_id=3474>.

This website outlines the agenda of the interest group, “America Immigration Lawyers Association.”  It also lists what ratings it gave to politicians in both the Senate and the House. 

Ammons, David. "Romney Touts Trade, Immigration Views in Washington      State." The Olympian 19 Nov. 2007. 2 Dec. 2007.      

In David Ammons' article, he outlines Romney’s views in regards to immigration in the upcoming 2008 election.  He says that one of Romney’s agendas is to include reducing federal funds for states that issue driver's license to undocumented workers or offer education grants to children of undocumented immigrants.

Bush, George W. United States. White House. President Bush Signs Secure      Fence Act. Oct. 2006. 11 Dec. 2007      <http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/10/20061026.html>.

This White House Press Release provides text from President Bush’s speech discussing the Secure Fence Act.  In his address, he tells the audience that the act was passed and that its purpose is to make the U.S.-Mexico border safer and more secure.  He outlines the provisions of the act as well.  

Bybee, Roger, and Carolyn Winter. "Immigration Flood Unleashed by NAFTA's      Disastrous Impact on
     Mexican Economy." Common Dreams Newscenter (2006). 11 Nov. 2007      <http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0425-30.htm>.

This article provides a progressive stance on the impacts of NAFTA on the Mexican economy.  It details the fluctuations in wage rates in Mexico and also some of the proposed solutions to the problem of undocumented immigration.  We used a reported estimate from this website and also used it to understand a very polarized viewpoint.

Camarota, Steven. "100 Million More: Projecting the Impact of Immigration."      Center for Immigration Studies (2007). 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.cis.org/articles/2007/back707transcript.html>.

This transcript outlines a speech made by Steven Camarota, the Director of Research for the Center of Immigration Studies.  We only used this transcript for a specific statistic on the estimated number of undocumented immigrants in the United States today.

Camarota, Steven. "The High Cost of Cheap Labor." Center for Immigration      Studies (2004). 8 Dec. 2007

This article discusses the use of government services by undocumented immigrants.  It provides statistics on the use of Medicaid, treatment for the uninsured, and food assistance programs by undocumented workers and analyzes the total use of government services at the same time.  We used this article to learn which government services undocumented immigrants receive the most, and to what degree they receive them.

Cornelius, Wayne A. "Impacts of Border Enforcement on Unauthorized Mexican      Migration to the United
     States." Social Science Research Council (2006). 11 Nov. 2007      <http://borderbattles.ssrc.org/Cornelius/index.html>.

This article provided general information on pull factors to the United States, statistics taken from research done in the United States and Mexico, and also graphics that helped to illustrate the article’s argument.  We used statistics from this article and also a graphic to disprove the intuition that as the United States has tightened borders, undocumented immigration has increased.

Davidson, Adam. "Illegal Immigrants and the U.S. Economy." National Public      Radio (2006). 8 Dec. 2007

This article details the impacts of undocumented immigration on American workers and the overall United States economy in a Question and Answer format.  It provides detailed statistics while also summarizing the general impacts on the economy.  We used this article to better understand the generally accepted effects that undocumented immigration has on the United States.

Dudley, Renee. "Giuliani: Stop Illegal Immigration At Border." The Beaufort      Gazette 1 Dec. 2007. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.beaufortgazette.com/local_news/story/6747962p-      6018113c.html>.

In Renee Dudley’s article, “Giuliani: Stop Illegal Immigration At Border,” she discusses Rudy Giuliani’s support of building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.  She also says, however, that Giuliani is a big proponent of legal immigration. 

Eby, Charlotte. "Edwards Outlines Citizenship Path for Immigrants." Sioux City      Journal. 11 Dec. 2007

In Charlotte Eby’s article in the Sioux City Journal, she discusses Senator Edwards immigration reform plan and his stance on the issue.  The main purpose of the article is to describe Edwards plan, which is that immigrants would have a path to citizenship if they pay a fine and learn English. 

Faux, Jeff. "NAFTA At 10." Economic Policy Institute (2004). 28 Oct. 2007
     <http://www.epi.org/content.cfm/webfeatures_viewpoints_nafta_legacy_      at10>.

This article was written by Jeff Faux, the former President of the Economic Policy Institute, and contains a look back at the first ten years of NAFTA.  The article reiterates the expectations of the trade agreement, and then analyzes the degree to which these expectations have been met.  It also goes on to write about the proposed trade agreement CAFTA, which was being discussed at the time of this article.

Fears, Darryl. "Immigration Measure Introduced." The Washington Post 13      May 2005. 11 Dec. 2007 <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-      dyn/content/article/2005/05/12/AR2005051201559.html>.

Darryl Fears article discusses the proposed McCain-Kennedy immigration bill in 2005.  It outlines the specific provisions of the bill and discusses its chances of being passed.  The article also quotes someone who is a proponent of the legislation.

Francis, David R. "Economic Progress of Immigrants." National Bureau of      Economic Research. 30 Oct. 2007      <http://www.nber.org/digest/may06/w12088.html>. 

This article discusses the changing trends in immigration to the United States over the last 100 years.  In addition to providing factual information, the article also analyzes the process of assimilation and how it is a more difficult process for immigrants today than those of years ago.

Gerber, James. International Economics. 4th ed. Addison-Wesley, 2008.

This book contains a wealth of information on international economics and the United States’ interactions with foreign countries.  It also has a whole section devoted to Preferential Trade Agreements and more specifically, NAFTA.  We used this book to provide a general overview of NAFTA and the many possible advantages and disadvantages that were noted before its implementation.

"Immigration Bills Compared." The Washington Post 2005. 11 Dec. 2007      <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/custom/2006/05/      26/CU2006052600148.html>.

The Washington Post compares the House’s proposed Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, and the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.  It discusses the differences in how the two bills’ would address border patrol, policies affecting those interacting with immigrants, and policies affecting immigrants.

"Hillary Clinton on the Issues." On the Issues. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.ontheissues.org/Senate/Hillary_Clinton.htm>.

In this website, the audience is able to see Senator Clinton’s track record from numerous issues, including immigration.  More specifically, it offers her voting record and statements about immigration reform.

"Immigration." Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://clinton.senate.gov/issues/immigration/>.

This excerpt from Senator Clinton’s website, describes her stance on immigration.  She offers what she considers a reasonable solution to the issue of immigration reform in the United States.  She also lists her accomplishments in regards to the issue of immigration reform. 

Jacobs, Jennifer. "Crowd Boos Clinton Over Immigration Reform." Des Moines      Register 1 Dec. 2007. 2 Dec. 2007.      <http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=      /20071201/NEWS/71201024/1001/RSS01>.

In Jennifer Jacobs’ article, “Crowd Boos Clinton over Immigration Reform,” she details an appearance by Senator Clinton via phone at a Democratic rally, and the subsequent response she received when discussing her plans for immigration reform.  She was booed because she was unwilling to commit to giving undocumented workers a path to citizenship in her first 100 days in office, if elected.

Kennedy, John F. "Familiar Quotes." 12 Dec. 2007      <http://www.ailf.org/pubed/pe_quotes_quote4.htm>.

This is a quote spoken by President John F. Kennedy about immigration. 

Malanga, Steven. "How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy." City Journal      (2006). 8 Dec. 2007

This article discusses and analyzes the use of government services by undocumented immigrants, mainly medical treatment for the uninsured.  It also discusses some of the positives that come with undocumented workers, specifically the theory that they save jobs by preventing automation.  We used this article to discuss the idea that companies invest less in new technology because they have workers that can do the job for low wages.

"Mitt Romney on Immigration." On the Issues. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.ontheissues.org/2008/Mitt_Romney_Immigration.htm>.

In this website, the audience is able to see Governor Romney’s track record from numerous issues, including immigration.  More specifically, it offers his statements about immigration reform.

Nagourney, Adam, and Jeff Zeleny. "For Democrats, a Strained Debate on      Immigration." The New York Times 4 Dec. 2007. 11 Dec. 2007            <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/04/us/politics/05cnd-debate.html>.

In Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny’s article, “For Democrats, a Strained Debate on Immigration,” the two discuss the leading Democratic candidates and their stances on immigration.  More specifically, they offer quotations from the candidates about immigration.  In this article, they cite an interview Senator Clinton had with NPR about immigration.  Our group uses this quote for our web project.  

Portes, Alejandro. "NAFTA and Mexican Immigration." Social Science Research      Council (2006). 11 Nov.

This article discusses the proposed effect of NAFTA on Mexican Immigration.  It then goes on to detail the reasons why NAFTA has not been effective in decreasing Mexican immigration, and what this lack of effectiveness has meant for workers and industries in the United States and Mexico.

Rauch, Jonathan. "A Simpler, Better Immigration Plan"" National Journal      (2007). 30 Oct. 2007 <http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200706u/better-      immigration>.

In Jonathan Rauch's scholarly article, he discusses the flaws of the proposed Senate immigration reform bill, and offers improvements that he believes would be better.  His three main suggestions are raising the number of legal immigrants in the U.S. by 50 percent, providing more temporary visas for illegal immigrants, and lastly, not micromanaging what immigrants get in.  The journal article reasserts are viewpoint that there are many flaws with immigration policy in United States.

"Rudy Giuliani on Immigration." On the Issues. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.ontheissues.org/2008/Rudy_Giuliani_Immigration.htm>.

In this website, the audience is able to see Rudy Giuliani’s track record from numerous issues, including immigration.  More specifically, it offers his statements about immigration reform.

Santora, Marc. "Giuliani Shifts His Tone on Immigration." The New York Times      16 Apr. 2007. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/22/us/politics/22giuliani.html?adxnnl=      1&adxnnlx=1196633220-87L70D9fiQyD1OvBAcjajA>.

In Marc Santora’s article, he writes about the ideological shift Rudy Giuliani has had since his days as Mayor of New York City.  More specifically, he says that the shift has been more noticeable since Giuliani’s candidacy for President.

Scott, Robert E and David Ratner. "NAFTA's Cautionary Tale." Economic Policy      Institute (2005). 30 Oct. 2005 <http://www.epi.org/content.cfm/ib214>.

This article details the negative side effects of NAFTA on the labor market.  It provides figures on job displacement in Mexico and the United States in multiple industries, and even details the states that have lost the most jobs.  The main purpose of this article is to serve as a warning to the United States as it enters CAFTA, predicting that many more American jobs will be lost due to this new trade agreement.

"Senator Barack Obama's Record on Immigration Reform and Illegal Aliens."      Immigration Stance. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://immigrationstance.diggersrealm.com/il/senator_      barack_obamas_record_on_immigration_reform_and_illegal_aliens.html>.

The website immigrationstance.com outlines Senator Obama’s stance on immigration, and his track record while voting on issues pertaining to immigration reform in the Senate.  It should be noted that this website has a clear bias and that it is strongly opposed to undocumented immigration.  Viewers’ of the website should acknowledge this when examining the material listed. 

"Senator Obama-Voting Record." Project Vote Smart. 2 Dec. 2007      <http://votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=9490>.

Project Vote Smart’s website gives viewers a chance to see Senator Obama’s voting records on a variety of issues.  It also shows viewers his voting record on immigration.  It lists the bill title, date of the vote, and what his stance was.

Skerry, Peter, and Stephen J. Rockwell. "The Cost of a Tighter Border:      People-Smuggling Networks." Brookings (1998). 8 Dec. 2007      <http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/1998/0505immigration_skerry.aspx>.

This article provides a view of the negative effects of tightening the United States' border.  More specifically, it discusses the booming market for "people smuggling".  The stricter rules have led to a higher price to get across the border and therefore tougher conditions for immigrants once in the United States because they still owe the smugglers money.

Stein, Sam. "With Sights on Iowa, Edwards Takes New Conservative Line on      Immigration." The Huffington Post 6 Nov. 2007. 11 Dec. 2007      <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/11/06/with-sights-on-iowa-      edwa_n_71337.html>.

Sam Stein's article in The Huffington Post discussed Senator Edwards conservative shift in regards to his views on immigration reform.  The Huffington Post is a historically liberal publication, however, so it should be noted that there could be a liberal bias within the article. 

United States. Library of Congress. S.2611. 11 Dec. 2007      <http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d109:SN02611:>.

The Library of Congress provides a detailed look at the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.  It shows a summary of the legislation, the actual text from it, as well as all of the Senate votes.  The page also provides a link to related bills. 

Vandehei, Jim, and John F. Harris. "Immigration Reshapes Politics      Everywhere." The Politico 13 Dec. 2007. 13 Dec. 2007      <http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1207/7375.html>.

This article by Jim Vandehei and John F. Harris discusses the impact being pro-immigration has had on some of the leading presidential candidates.  Specifically, they discuss how Mayor Giuliani, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney have been affected politically as a result of their immigration stance.

White House Report on Immigration. United States Government. 2007.

The report the White House offers on immigration, details the effect of immigrants in the United States today.  It also discusses the role of undocumented workers in the United States and offers conclusions on what needs to be done in regards to comprehensive immigration reform.