Castro, Donald S. The Argentine Tango as Social History, 1880-1955. Lewiston: E. Mellen Press, 1991.

This book gave me a lot of insight into the effects of the tango music on the society of Argentina. It drew many helpful parallels between the music and the society. This book also helped me to figure out how and when Society influenced the Tango Music, and When the Tango Influenced society, and how.

Shaw, Lisa. The social history of the Brazilian samba. Ashgate, 1999, 197-199.

This book discusses Samba in a deeper sense. The book diagnoses the lyrics in relation to their environment, the government and the lyrics in relation to their culture. Shaw discusses the role of women and how the Samba gradually changed over time.


Caravan Music, Guide to Latin Music, 19 April 2005 <> (10 December 2005)

This website has a guide to all types of Latin music styles, listed by country, and the popular types of musical styles that come from each country. It also gives a listing of famous musicians from each country.

“Mariachi History” <> (15 November 2005)

This website has a strong historical description of mariachi music. This website talks about the roots of the word “mariachi” and several different theories on where it all started. It discusses the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico and their influences on the music, how the music was formed, a fusion of different cultures.

Monica R. Marrujo. “Vocal Use In Mariachi Singers.” 17 May 2001, <> (11 November 2005)

This website has a strong grasp on the vocal ways of the Mariachis however it also gives a brief background of the music. The site shows how the music was used, it’s roots and purpose, the serenata, and use in celebration. The site also shows what instruments are used to create this music.

Paul F. Clifford “Background to Samba”. <> (4 December 2005)

This is a website designed to mostly discuss Samba as a dance. However, the site contains very useful information about the African roots of Samba as a music and how it reached the Brazilian region.

Sabor a Tango, Sabor a Tango, January 2005, <> (13 December 2005 )

This is the website of a traveling Tango Orchestra that is located in Berlin, Germany. I used this as an example to show how Tango has grown into a very popular style of music around the world., “The Tango: A Dance, A Culture, A Way of Life, February 1999,<> (12 December 2005)

This site gives a very detailed history of the Tango. We use factual information as well as specific dates and names form this website on our own. This website helped us make connections to the history of the dance and the political and social history of Argentina as a country.

The Verve Music Group, “Jazz History-Bossa Nova”, Verve Music Group, 23 July 2003, <>(12 December 2005)

This website gives a history of many different styles of Jazz and Latin music, We used website to obtain facts about the musical style Bossa Nova, mostly about its points of origin, as well as a few names of famous Bossa Nova Musicians


Martinez-Avila, Cecilia. “Marvelous Mariachi.” Hispanic 10, no. 11 (1997): 28-32.

This article taken from the Hispanic journal discusses the popularization of the Mariachi music. It talks about the beginning and the attempts to repress this music as well as later on and the roles of great men such as Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. It discusses the role of the Mariachi music in politics, bringing together a nation and daily life.