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Maya and Miguel


Maya and Miguel, created in 2005, depict a pair of twins-Maya and Miguel Santos. The Santos family runs a pet store and lives together with their grandmother and bilingual pet parrot, Paco. The cartoon shows a more traditional Latino family, as the grandmother lives in the house and relatives visit often. The twins' family is a mixed one - their father is from Puerto Rico and their mother is from Mexico. While the cast is mostly Latino, they also depict a Chinese girl, Maggie (voiced by Chinese-American actress Lucy Liu), who is bilingual and speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. Chrissy, another bilingual friend of the twins, is African American and Afro-Dominican. Rounding out the show's cast is a European American, a recent Mexican arrival who is learning English, and a Latino mailman (voiced by Erik Estrada, no less) who often engages in conversation (occasionally in Spanish) with the Abuela Elena, the twins' grandmother. 10