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“As far as images seen on the screen, people write about what they know. Since there are
only a sprinkling of Latino writers being produced, the Latino image with a Latino
perspective is rarely seen. Instead, what you see are non-Latinos' ideas of what a Latino
is. Often, this image comes from the negative stereotypes writers have seen in film and
on TV, or the news, or from Latinos they know, most of whom are their waiters, maids,
gardeners or nannies. You consistently see the same negative Latino characters written
into plots over and over again. Even when there is a positive role, it is usually that of
a nonprofessional. Rarely do you see a Latino doctor, private investigator, stock broker,
company CEO or astronaut.”
Bel Hernandez is co-founder of LATINHEAT, the only Latino entertainment industry trade
publication with a focus on highlighting Latinos in all aspects of the industry. Ms.
Hernandez began her career in entertainment as an actor on stage, screen and television.
She made her transition into publishing in 1992, serving as Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
of LATINHEAT, and is the driving force behind the current success of the publication . 19